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PR & Tutu’s

Saturday was back-to-back races. The morning run down in Washington, GA is where I had my PR of 34:34. During the first half mile I wanted to stop but once I reached the first mile, I was feeling good. So good in fact that I kept a steady pace until mile 2. Mile 2 marker, I stopped for a quick power booster. The course was flat so I ran the rest of the final mile in to the finish. I’m pretty sure I told myself 10 different times to keep going, don’t stop now. I’m not sure where I placed because the results did not have ages nor did they do age group awards. Awards were given to only the top runners. Little sis was the top runner in her group.


Saturday night was a lot of fun even though the course was long. We got to dress up in cute tutu’s and won awesome medals. Since it was a night run and we had to run back in the woods, little sis wanted to pace me. We started off doing and feeling great, until we reached the woods. We never stopped but we had to slow down because we couldn’t see a thing. We had glow sticks but it was still pitch dark. I happened to bring my phone, so I switched on the light so we could pick our speed back up. I think the woods made us run faster, because lets face it, who likes running in the woods when it’s dark?! Basically, get out as fast as you can! We only walked the two hills that was in the race. That was pretty awesome considering it was our second race. On the second lap, my watch was showing 2.8 miles as we made the turn around the ball fields. When we came out of the ball fields for the second time, a course monitor heard me say that the course was long and I had already reached 3.16 according to my watch. She yelled and told us to go on in to the finish because I guess she could tell by the way I was talking that I was frustrated. Sis and I ran on in and finished in 35:42.









This week, we will only do two training runs with speed training mixed in to prepare for the weekend races.

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