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A Week Of Getting Stronger

Are runner’s allowed to have an off day, week? I have asked myself all week why am I doing this? I know I told my friends multiple times this week that I”m not good at this running thing. I don’t usually write post like this telling my struggles from the week, but I have learned from following other running blogs that runner’s like honesty. So let’s be honest, I have been in a lot of pain and doubt this week. Monday night I went on a run and didn’t even want to finish the first mile. I walked for the longest time with all these questions and doubts running through my head. My friend was the only thing that gave me enough motivation to finish the last mile and a half without walking. Tuesday night is when the pain hit. We started going to boot camp twice a week. Boot camp works mainly at getting our legs stronger. Boot camp equals squats which resulted in very tight legs the next day. Wednesday, I walked around work like a penguin because I couldn’t bend my legs from all the soreness. Wednesday night I did a 3.1 mile fast walk to loosen up some of the soreness. Thursday night was boot camp again with more sets of squats followed by laps around the track. Today, my legs are still tight and sore but I can bend them and I can run without gritting my teeth. All of my doubts started to fade towards the end of this week. I think most of it was coming from the anxiety of signing up for my first half marathon next year. I definitely feel like I am getting stronger and I am finalizing nutrition plans to keep me on track to reach my goal. I’m sure I will still have a few off days before the year is over, but I have to remind myself why I run. I run because I can, because there is always the chance to find extraordinary things at the finish line! You never know what you are capable of until you do it!

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