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The Road To Becoming a Half Marathoner

It’s been a long week preparing for my first half marathon. This past Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and I thought I was done before I even got started. My arms and legs were heavy and I knew I couldn’t force myself to do the long run I had planned to do that day. I ended up running 4 miles that afternoon because I felt like I needed to train. Those were 4 rough miserable miles. I had a friend that ran with me the entire time so it took my mind off of how bad I felt. Monday wasn’t any better but I did listen to my friends and took the night off from training. I was determined to beat the cold because I was planning on 13.1 regardless come Saturday. When I set out to do something, I usually don’t let many things stop me from accomplishing the task. Tuesday I felt a lot better and was so relieved that the sore throat went away and I didn’t feel so weak. I ran 3 miles that afternoon and 3 more miles on Wednesday. Total of 13 miles this week. I decided from listening to others advice that it was probably best to take it easy this week with training so I didn’t burn myself out before the weekend.

I made a food plan for this week. I made sure to eat chicken, rice, black beans, eggs, oatmeal, and bananas. I’m sure I will learn what types of foods work best when fueling for half’s as I go along. Does anyone have any go to foods they eat when preparing for long runs? Would love to hear from you guys. You can message me through my blog. There is a contact form at the bottom of my site.

It has been so humbling to see all the responses and support I am getting from everyone. This week has been filled with encouraging messages, texts, and hugs as I venture out to take on this new journey. I have no goal for this weekend other then to conquer the distance! I have been asked if the nerves have set in yet. So far I am more excited (anxious) then nervous. I have already picked out my clothes and shoes and packed my bag. I guess you can say I am ready to go run!

The picture above was sent to me from a sweet friend and is one of my favorite sayings. I will be wearing a good luck bracelet with that saying on it Saturday!

Happy running friends! Thanks for following my journey!

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