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A Brave Run

Multiple races in one day is starting to become a normal weekend tradition for me. I have a few people that always ask why do I run so much on the weekends? My answer is always because I enjoy doing it. I tell them it’s like a family reunion every weekend. We were actually talking about the race atmosphere this past weekend that no matter what time you come in or what place you finish at, you always have someone there cheering you on. I have learned recently that no one is out there judging you by your time, they are just proud of you for getting out there and doing it in the first place.

This weekend I was set on getting under 30 which most of you know has been by goal since late last year. I had a strong determination to reach that goal at the Brave Run 5K in Watkinsville. The week prior, I was not able to train like I wanted. I was recovering from running my second half marathon and my legs were still fatigued early that week. My right leg gave me a lot of trouble last week, every time I walked it would tighten up. Standing at the start line, I knew my leg was probably going to give me a hard time but my plan was to ignore it. I started the race off with a 9:25 first mile. I was booking it and I kept telling myself if I can keep this pace the whole time I will be golden. By mile 2, my leg was throbbing and I slowed down. I saw my time slip away as I was coming near the finish. I tried very hard despite the pain, but this weekend was not the right time to set a PR. Finished in 33:12 and placed second in my age group.

I only had a few hours in between races Saturday. I went home and rolled my legs out, hoping they would feel better by the second race which they did. The second race of the day was in Monroe called the USSSA Pride ICE Fastpitch 5K. It was a smaller race with not many people registered. Therefore, I was able to start right behind the fast boys without feeling like I was going to get run over. I thought it was pretty cool being able to be on the front line. I took off like a rocket because I was like this is awesome I’m hanging up here with the fast crowd. As we all know they took off and left me in the dust. I had a great first mile and was able to keep the pace up longer on this run then the first. I don’t walk as much anymore, but I do slow down after mile 2. I’m working on keeping a consist pace throughout the race. The course only has a few inclines and is out and back. I really like this course because it’s down a back road and is peaceful and quite. I finished in 32:34 and placed first in my age group.

I am only registered for one 5K this coming weekend. It’s supposed to be flat and fast, so I have my sights set on a PR. Right now though I am extremely sore. I did my first Spartan race training this past Sunday and bruised my legs up pretty good. I learned that heights are not my friend and I tend to cling on for dear life therefore resulting in purple looking legs. I also learned that I am pretty strong when it comes to not carrying my own weight. I could not complete the monkey bars but I could pull a 100 pound tire up a hill. Overall, I think the Spartan race will be a good experience for me and something I can check off of a bucket list. We are running the Spartan on March 18th. Look for a blog post in the days following to see if I survived and became a Spartan!

This week I am going to work on some speed drills and I currently have a few projects I’m working on. Our Dynamic Run Club is currently under reconstruction. We are trying to expand it and get more people involved. I’m thinking of creating a Facebook page for us to get the word out about our group runs a little more.

Thanks for reading! Happy Running!

~RQ Racing~

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