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It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas

IMG_7418I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now at my title for this post. Christmas really shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving but all of these festive holiday runs are getting me in the spirit. Christmas really is my favorite holiday. Therefore, I love running all the Jingle Jogs and Santa Strolls. Who else already has a 5K race planned for Christmas Eve? This girl does!

IMG_7412This past weekend we ran back to back Christmas themed races. We ran the Holiday Haulin’ 5K Saturday morning and the Lanier Under The Lights 5K Saturday night. Let’s talk about one of the best races of the year first! The Holiday Haulin’ 5K takes place in the small town of Mansfield and features a flat course, a super cool t-shirt, and awesome awards. The race directors are all so nice and super thankful for all the runners. This race is always in November so check it out in 2018, you will not be disappointed. I placed 2nd in my age group out of 8 and finished in 33:32. I was making great time at mile 1 and 2 but let is slip away when I started getting pains in my right foot. I seriously thought I had hurt my foot, since I have increased my training. It hurt for the rest of the day and through the second run, but I believe it may have just been from the cold. I put some sports cream on it and took a day of rest and so far I have not had any more trouble. We will just say the cold got to it.

IMG_7424Lanier Under The Lights 5K is so much fun and a great experience. It is the only time the park allows you to run or walk along the lights. Typically when they open to the public, you have to ride around in your car to look at them. I think being able to run and stop and take pictures is a lot more fun. This was my second year running Lanier Under The Lights. I don’t run this race for a time but even with my foot hurting I still can’t sit still enough to just walk. Meanwhile, my sister wants to walk and I’m jumping up and down to run. It takes us over 40 minutes to finish the race with all the picture taking. However, we did get some really cool pics with the lights!


ONLY 7 MORE YOGA TRAINING CLASSES LEFT! Whoo! So close to being done, I can’t wait. I will write a separate post about this weekend’s training over Thanksgiving break. After this Saturday only one more Saturday left to go. I graduate December 15th, so I will be at the Santa Stroll 8K the next day. The Santa Stroll 8K will end the 2017 Black Bag Race Series and it’s also a race in memory of Will Chamberlin who was the owner of Classic Race Services. Therefore, I’m so glad we graduate before this race because I don’t like missing it.

No race this weekend because I have Yoga training. We are having friends and family day at the studio Saturday so I have one of my sweet friends coming to see me teach!

Hope to see you all soon!

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