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The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway


It has been a cold start to 2018 for the world of running. I guess most people are at home enjoying their hot chocolate by the fire, while a select few of us are lacing up our running shoes and putting on our jackets to brave the cold. I guess that’s why I always get weird looks when I tell people I ran this weekend. “Don’t you know it’s 17 degrees outside?!” I always hear the word crazy, I  just like to think that we the runners have super powers! That sounds better!

IMG_80202018 may be nothing but cold but it’s off to a great start. Two races already down for the year. We ran New Years @ Noon in Athens on New Years day. It’s become a tradition to run this race. I don’t think we have missed it since we have started running. New Years @ Noon is known for the Dam hill. The hill that seems to capture your breathing and makes you question yourself. I’m somewhat being dramatic but I can never make it up it without walking. This year, we ran the hill first when in years past, it was always right before the finish. I finished my first race for the year in 33:52 and placed third in my age group. I use to never place in this race, but over the years I have gotten faster and able to snag a pottery award.

IMG_8053For the second year in a row, we ran the Twilight Stroll by the Granite Bowl in Elberton. I have yet to see this Granite Bowl. We run right past it, but it’s never lit and it’s dark out so I never get to see it. It was another cold night this year with everyone in gloves and hats. At least it was not raining mixed with snow like it was last year. Last year the rain was hitting you right in the face along with being freezing cold. Much better conditions this year. I had an awesome run at this race! It’s a hilly course, not a PR kind of race. However, I could tell all this training I am doing is paying off. I ran a 32:50, knocking almost two minutes off of my time from last year. I placed first in my age group! I will say I was very disappointed once I saw the awards. Last year the awards were a piece of granite with a nice gold plate on top. This year it was a .99 cent medal. Only reason we had come to run the race was for the granite. I know so many other people were disappointed as well. I guess I will have to mark this one off of my list for next year.

Training is going very well. I am back to my normal schedule. Wednesday’s have become my tough training days with the other days being just normal runs. Next weekend I will be running my 6th half marathon and we are one month away from the Disney Princess Half. Starting to get really excited. My outfits have arrived for Disney! Since I am running the half and 5K, I have two different outfits. Can you guess which Princesses I will be? Stay tuned to find out!

Go Dawgs!!


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