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My Sixth Half Marathon

Since it is a snow day here in Georgia, I felt like it was the perfect time to write about the IMG_8122Museum of Aviation Half Marathon. This past Saturday marked my sixth half marathon and exactly a year from my first half. It doesn’t seem like a year ago when I first ran the Aviation half. There were a lot of changes with the half this year since all of the events that have happened in the past few months. Security was a lot tighter then it was last year. Before you could pick up your packet, the guards had to check your bags, wand you and check your drivers license. Each time you went out to the car, you had to be searched all over again. In order to pick up your packet, you had to hand over your drivers license, which they kept until you finished the race. Originally, the half was supposed to begin at 8:15 am but because of security reasons with trying to get the base gate unlocked they pushed the start back to 8:40. No one without a bib was allowed at the start. They had guards checking to make sure you had a bib on. Since the wind was so brutal Saturday, we decided to stand in the building until they called for us to start. That was a mistake, because they started the race without all of us standing in the building at 8:35. We all had to run down to the start while everyone else had already started. Thank goodness for chip time! They had guards standing at the base gate with machine guns. That was very different from last year. I guess with all the shootings in the past few months, they were prepared just in case. IMG_8111

IMG_8130This was one brutal half because of the wind. 13 miles of nothing but open runways and wind hitting you right in the face. I figured with the sun up, it would warm everything up but it was the opposite. I was so focused in on getting a PR, I tried not to let the wind slow me down. I was making great time up to mile 10. I got excited because I thought I had it. I used my gel on mile 6 which gave me awesome energy for miles 7-9. Once mile 10 hit though, my legs locked up. I was barely moving at that point. I have since learned, I need gel at mile 10 as well. I finished in 2:40:46 which is twelve minutes faster then last year. I guess because I haven’t run a half since October, this half felt like my first half. I was so sore afterwards and I was hungry for days.

Things are about to get back busy again. Only 3 more days until the Frosty Owl 5K and I will have that project wrapped up. Planning a 5K is a lot of work. It’s not hard at all, it’s just very time consuming. I think it’s going to be a very successful race and I am very proud of all of the work I have done with it. Over 200 people pre-registered which is awesome for around Athens. We have a few vendors coming to hand out giveaways to all runners. We also have a DJ lined up and our Owl mascot Athena will be there entertaining all runners. I really hope everyone is surprised by the race. It’s going to be a huge event and I CANT wait to see everyone Saturday. Thank you to everyone who has supported me with this.

My Yoga classes start Monday. I officially get to try my hand at teaching. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. My classes are going to be geared towards exercise and stretching the body. The first few classes will be taught at a slower pace with each week poses getting built upon. Classes are open to anyone and all abilities. Come see me at Blissful Yoga.

Colleges classes also started this week and it looks like I will be buried in that for the next few months. Awesome thing is, I graduate this December!

DISNEY PRINCESS HALF MARATHON IS ALMOST HERE! We just booked a fast pass to meet Cinderella at Fairytale Hall. My inner child is about to come out of me. I am so excited! I apologize in advance for the picture overload that will be happening next month. It’s going to be a magical event!

See you all Saturday at the Frosty Owl.

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