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Back To The Basics


The last few month’s have been spent traveling around to different half marathons. With these longer runs, comes a longer recovery time. It’s the kind of time that adds up and eventually the days have went by so fast that you are staring right at Spring. How can it be April already? It feels like yesterday, we were celebrating the New Year. Needless to say between half marathons, sickness, and crazy weather, training hasn’t been my friend. I have come to accept that whatever happens will happen. One day, I may get under 30 and if I do, that will be awesome but I’m not going to beast myself up in the process. The days I can run, I will run and the days I can’t run, well I won’t worry about it. I just have to accept that I can only push myself so far. I always have to be on the go but sometimes I need to remind myself it’s ok to take a break. With all that said, I have a nice little break from half marathons. I don’t have another half scheduled until June in North Carolina. Therefore, I am back to the basics of training for 5K runs. The last two weekends have been 5Ks. We ran the Gwinnett Life Run and the Sunset Strut 5K on March 24th. I have been on the go since then and working on classes and side jobs that I haven’t had a chance to write about these races. Side note: I have been going back and forth trying to get my classes worked out so I can graduate with my degree this December. I finally got it all worked out and set to graduate on time. Back to runs, this past weekend we ran the Frank Baccus 5K in Monroe. The Frank Baccus is one of those runs that stick with you and you go back year after year.

The Frank Baccus has an awesome flat course with a few slight inclines that is ran out in the country. There is nothing but the road and some cows which is why I enjoy it so much. It’s also a race that so many of my friends come to so its great to see everyone in one place. I must say, I didn’t run good this year. I was expecting to be able to run like I did the previous weekend but that didn’t happen. I didn’t know I was so tired until the race started and I was out of breath before the first mile. Regardless of clock time, it was a great morning with wonderful people and I still placed 2nd in my age group. They have really cute pottery awards that are shaped as a cross. I think this was my third year in a row placing in my age group. There is no better way to kick off Spring then with this annual 5K.

This weekend, I will be traveling to Charleston, SC to the Cooper River Bridge Run. This will be my first time running this 10K and I am super excited. I am meeting up with a friend of mine and we are going to run the race together. I had to talk a friend in to coming with me and in order to do so, I had to bribe her with concert tickets for her birthday. So, we are going to Myrtle Beach Friday night for the concert and traveling back to Charleston that night so I can get right back up and get on the bus for the run. I know I will be dragging but it’s all for the fun. Some would call us crazy and maybe we are, but that’s ok! We are driving back home Saturday afternoon so I can attend Wanderlust with some friends on Sunday. Wanderlust is a 5K + Yoga on the lawn in Piedmont Park. Ok, now you can call me crazy. I should sleep well Sunday night, that is for sure.

Look for a post next week on my Charleston experience and Wanderlust. Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome weather. See you out on the road!

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