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A Dash To Sub 30

It’s finally October and I am still patiently waiting on slightly cooler weather. I am pretty sure a lot of us are looking for that cool weather at this point. It’s hard to want pumpkin spice anything when it’s still so hot outside. I have noticed though that it’s not as blistering hot on my afternoon runs, which in turn makes for a better run. Once again, I am behind on my posts since I am working on finishing classes. December is going to here before I know it and I can’t wait. I have so many things I want to do once I get my degree. For starters, I am hoping to work on my fitness game more. Maybe start doing some HIIT workouts on the days I don’t run. Any of you do any type of HIIT workouts? If so, message me and let me know how well you like them.

I have a lot of runs to write about so I will jump right in to those.


Mercedes-Benz Stadium 5K: Any race that allows you to finish on the 50 yard line inside a stadium is going to be an awesome race. We ran this race on Saturday, September 15 at  Mercedes Benz in Atlanta. The whole family ran this race which was really cool. This 5K is put on by the Atlanta Track Club and has some of the best finisher medals around. Everyone got a medal to hang on the wall and a really nice t-shirt. There are not many 5K’s out there anymore that give awesome swag. This race benefits people who have been injured by drunk drivers. Many of you may remember Emily Bowman who was hit and severally injured while walking in Athens a few years ago, well it benefits people like Emily. It’s really cool to see how far she has come, at last years race she could barely walk and at this years race she was able to walk it. I ran/walked with mom and my sister because I had a second race that afternoon. As we were running, we came across a blind lady in the race. She was kicking butt all by herself with just a walking stick to guide her. It’s amazing to see people overcome barriers that would otherwise hold them back. Just goes to show that you can either give excuses or power through.


Sunflower Festival 5K: I decided I was going to run two 5K’s on the 15th, so that afternoon I ran the Sunflower Festival 5K in Statham. I ran this 5K a few years back and had a great time on it and placed in my age group. The awards way back then was a plaque that had sunflowers on it. I remembered this so I was excited to once again go run the Sunflower race. By the way, sunflowers are my favorite flower. So I’m all excited about getting a sunflower shirt. Well, the shirt did not have a sunflower anywhere on it. That was a bummer so I was thinking well the awards will have it on them. No worries about the shirt, however I think they need me to design it for next year’s race. Anyway’s moving on. I was really wanting a good clock time on this race, but lets face it the sun came out and well it’s all over when that happens. I do good just to finish. I placed 2nd in my age group though and you probably have guessed this by now, but the medal did not have a sunflower on it either. It had a shoe on it. I think they didn’t know how to design a sunflower or something. Either way, they need to change the name of the race if it’s not going to have sunflowers.


Autumn 5K: This was my first year running the Autumn 5K in Loganville. I missed this race last year because of yoga training so I was glad to be able to run it this year. It was an awesome race and certainly one I would run again. I would love to run this race again it if was cooler to see what time I could get on it. By the time the race started, it was humid but I still managed a 34 minute run. I was third place in my age group. This race gave some awesome door prizes which we were able to snag a few things.



Covington Autumn 5K: Lot’s of Autumn 5K’s this time of year. This one was by far one of the best courses I have ran in a long time. It was pretty much flat except for a few inclines and it wasn’t so humid so I was able to pull away with a time of 32:40. That’s the best time I have had in a long time. I am slowly making my way back down near that sub 30. I have been working hard lately to bring my time down. I am still hoping to get that sub 30 5K before the end of the year. I found I was over training so I hope the plan I am on now will get me there. It’s like there is a wall built up and I can’t get over that wall. However, I was able to place third in this race so I will take it.

No runs for me this weekend, I will be at the beach for my birthday. The next race will be October 13th and then I am heading out to do a flat and fast 5K at Myrtle Beach the following weekend. Maybe just maybe I can get an awesome clock time on that race.

I will see you guys soon! To all my friends and family running this coming weekend, y’all have a good race!


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