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Running Into Winter

Once again, I am behind on my blog post so I have a few races to catch up on. However, I now have a lot more free time since I finally completed my degree coursework and will receive my degree in December. It truly has not sunk it yet that I am done with school but I’m so glad. I can now catch up on sleep, reading and writing my blog. Who else is excited that cooler weather is officially here? I run so much better in the cold. Plus it’s also perfect fuzzy socks, blankets, and movie watching weather!

I had another big change this November besides completing school, I switched my Yoga location. I now have an awesome location complete with a spacious room and everything I could ever need to teach my class. I am so happy with the new space and I am planning to grow my practice as we move in to the new year. If you have any friends that are wanting to try yoga but don’t want to spend the crazy drop in rates of Athens, have them come see me at Thrive for only $12 drop in. December, there will only be three classes because of the holiday’s so 3 classes are only $30.

So, I have ran several awesome races since I have been back from Myrtle Beach. Every year there are a few that have become yearly races that we don’t miss. One of my favorite courses is down in Bostwick at the Cotton Gin 5K. This is always the last race of October. The Cotton Gin course is flat and out in the country with just the cows and horses. I was disappointed this year because I was hoping for a better clock time since I have been putting in training hours but we have since determined I was training wrong for what I am trying to do. Anyways, I am not so focused on the clock time anymore but rather my endurance. I was only about 40 seconds off from last year and still managed to place in my age group. The Cotton Gin has really unique cotton bales as the awards. They range from a baby bale to an extra large bale that you have to find room for in the house depending on how you placed. The overall winners and master winners go home with huge bales the size of a large package.

We started our November races in Hartwell at the Faith, Hope, Cure 5K. This was one of the best races we have ran in a long time. Two of our sweet running friends were putting on the race for a friend of theirs who has cancer. You could certainly tell there was lots of time and effort put into planning this race. Anyone that runs a lot knows just what it takes to put on a race. There is so much that goes into planning and so many sleepless nights leading up to race day. My friends went above and beyond and had awesome shirts and goody bags for all runners and really neat medals and trophies. I managed an awesome clock time of 32:48 and 1st place in my age group.  Awesome course, wonderful friends and a great cause!

We always get in the holiday spirit by racing Lanier Under The Lights. Just so happened this year, I ran it both nights. One night with family/friends and the second night with friends. We love this race, because we get to dress up in Christmas outfits and listen to Christmas music while running the race. This year my sister and I decided to dress up as our favorite Christmas movie character. My sister was the Grinch and I was Elf. We registered for the best dress costume but did not win. That just means next year, we will have to go all out. There are so many runners each year that it always sells out. They only let a little less then 2,000 people in to run the streets with the lights.  This year they gave finisher medals to all runners which was a big hit. There is no chance of ever placing because of all the people so I like when the bigger races have finisher medals. The first night we walked and took pictures with the lights which is always fun because it’s the only time you have the chance to do that before they open the park to cars.

The second night, I actually ran the race to see what time I could get. It’s a hilly course so I ended up with a not so good time but I still enjoyed getting to run it. All of the lights are really cool and the atmosphere is so fun because of all of the people dressed up so it makes for a good time! After the run, we went to Ihop to get Grinch pancakes! Those were well deserved pancakes.

The last race we just ran was in Buford at the Ryan Daniel 5K. We have never run in downtown Buford, so it was a nice change of scenery. It was a great course except for the few hills that were placed throughout the last two miles. I always try to act like the hills don’t bother me but who am I kidding, they slow me down every time. However, I finished in 32:31 and placed 2nd in my age group. I knocked off a few seconds since the first race in November so I think my new training plan is working.

We have one more race scheduled for November and then it’s off to all of the Holiday themed races in December!

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