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Counting The Miles

I will be so glad when the sun stays up past 6:00 PM. Getting off at 4:45, I have to race the clock to get to the park to run before night falls. I basically count the miles as I rush along to reach the goal I set for myself for each evening I run. I have been training nonstop lately and so far I have seen hard work really does pay off.  I have found a combination of several different exercises that work and I plan to stick with them as I move along into the new year!

We finished out the November month running the Buddy Christian Memorial 5K on Black Friday. I have ran this race the past several years and it’s always been a great race for a good cause. It was a brutally cold morning this year which made for great running weather. I guess at some point, that kind of cold can be too much but it felt great once we got going. The worst part of running a race in the winter though is having to stand in the cold at the start line before the run starts. That’s when you really question your sanity. I always look forward to this race because it is pretty much flat and fast. I ran it in 32:43 and placed first in my age group. They have great medals and trophies for everyone who places.  I think next year though, I am going to run on Thanksgiving instead so I can enjoy the Black Friday madness.

We began our December races with a very rainy Walton County half marathon and 5K this past Saturday. The forecast was looking nasty for the start of the race and it was. The positive thing was, at least it was not freezing cold. That would have been a terrible combination, freezing cold and rain. We all know that even if it was freezing cold with rain, I would have still ran. Beast mode is all weather, all conditions. This race has the cutest Santa shirts and awesome pottery awards. The course is an out and back with a few inclines. I ran this race in 31:28 even though they didn’t clock me until 31:31. Unless you run for someone who uses accurate chip timing you can’t go by the results. My watch is always spot on and I will always go by what it says regardless of what they clock me as. It adds on seconds to clock people because it’s not instant when you have to click a button. Anyways, I have never been that concerned about it until now. I am working very hard to get my clock time down so every second counts in my opinion.

I have 15 days off for Christmas this year! That means I will have plenty of time to get some training miles in. I am counting down the days until the longest break I have had since high school. I can’t wait.

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