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Polar Bear Run


We didn’t have many races to choose from this past weekend. There were a few races around home, but none that I was interested in running. Typically we pick the race that sounds the best. The Polar Bear run sounded the best for two reasons. One the shirts are the cutest I have seen for a running shirt in a long time and two the website said it offers a flat and fast course. Seeing those two things made this race the pick for our Saturday race.

Saturday morning was an early morning wake up call because packet pickup was at 6:30 and we had an hour and 40 minute drive. The Polar Bear race is a huge run with over 1000 people. I had it in my mind it was going to be flat and fast and I would have an awesome clock time because I have been training for months for a flat course. When we got there, we drove the course and noticed incline after incline then a hill then some more inclines. In my mind, flat and fast means the course is pancake flat. Now I get that is pretty hard to find in Georgia but I have ran some pancake flat courses around here. After seeing the course, all of my hopes disappeared and I had to prepare myself to be ok with whatever time I got. I think most race directors don’t really understand a lot of the concepts behind putting together a race because they themselves are not runners. In their minds, the course is not all hilly so they label it flat and fast.

As I was running along the course, the course monitors were yelling just make it up this hill. I thought to myself see, y’all admit it’s a hill. I ended up running a 31:31 which is two minutes faster from my other hilly course times and I was 19 out of 46 in my age group. I knew I wouldn’t place at this one but I was running for a Peachtree qualifying time. I have a better qualifying time from a race in December that I can use if I don’t find another certified course before registration opens.

The days are finally getting longer where I don’t have to rush to get to the park before night falls. I usually leave work on two wheels so I can make it in time to get my run in. I looked at the weather for next week and it’s supposed to be warm. I need a few more months of cool weather so I can get my goal before spring gets here. It’s just a matter of pretty much seconds at this point if only I could find a flat course.

Once I reach my goal, I plan to keep going to see how much time I can actually knock off. I don’t have any plans for anything longer then a 10K until this Summer. With that said, I will probably only run two half marathons in 2019. It really takes a lot out of me to do them and it takes me a while to recover so I don’t want to jeopardize my training at the moment.

If anyone is running near the big ATL anytime soon, message me to let me know!

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